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Modern rolling mills should be considered as key components in the manufacturing process of nearly everything we see around us today. From bridges to bolts, airplanes, railway lines, cans, lamp posts, car engine parts, etc., a rolling mill, and therefore a roll, will have been used to produce it. And BRC International, being one of the world's largest suppliers of small, medium and long sized rolls for long products, may well have supplied that roll.

If you operate any of the following mills, BRC International can help
Long Product Mill - SBQ, re-bar, rounds, rod wire
Section Mill - Angles, channels, flats, rounds, squares
Rail Mill - UIC 60, UIC 54, light transit rails, crane rails, etc
Narrow HSM - Welded pipe sheet, nickel alloys, stainless, hight alloy steels
Pipe Mill - All seamless products, OCTG, HP gas pipe, SR pipe, etc
Cold Mill - Tinplate, galvanized, coated, autobody sheet, non ferrous

Our rolls are tailor-made for each application. The chemistry and heat treatment cycle of every BRC roll is individually designed by our UK/China technical team in order to achieve the appropriate specifications for each application.

In an industry with such a deep-rooted past, at BRC we embrace the future. We employ the latest centrifugal and static casting methods in both iron and steel quality. Our flexibility and diversity means that we are able to offer a wide range of roll types and sizes that are required for the latest generation of high productivity rolling mills, including Danieli, Kocks, Morganshammer, VAI Siemens, SMS, MHI and others.

We continuously conduct research and development for new and improved roll grades, thereby providing our clients with constant enhancements in roll performance to increase campaign life, decrease downtime and reduce roll stocks.